Holly Joseph: About the Blog

Holly Joseph: About the Blog

Hey, I’m Holly, blogger in residence.

It’s easy to forget about yourself when you are a parent. As a busy mother of four boys, I completely lost my own sense of identity for years. I learned my lesson the hard way. After my mental health hit rock bottom, I started rebuilding my identity, and today I am a working mum of 4, a writer, a social media marketer, a mental health advocate, a mature student, a critical thinker, an immigrant and a ‘retired’ childbirth professional.

With these identity threads, I give you this blog. I aim to write engaging and uplifting articles about parenting & mental health and inspire you to take care of your own identity. I also blog a bit about blogging (very meta…), social media & digital marketing and career & entrepreneurship, as these can be pretty nifty tools in your identity-building toolkit. And also keep your eyes peeled for the occasional creative writing piece from me.

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